It is a new way to learn.

You will see a blink of a sentence for a short while. Your job is to write it down.

A super simple, yet effective way to train focus, memory and learn languages.

or learn more about the method below

focus on detail

That’s what we are missing mostly when reading and watching content – the DETAIL.
And detail matters if you later want to use that phrase in writting or speaking.
It’s also a great exercise for anybody that struggle with reading and writing.

perfect for language learning

The idea behind this tool is to slow you down. The more time you spent with sentences, words and letters the more time you have to digest them. 
You will have time to think about each sentence and why it was built the way it was.

memorize any text

If you have a text to learn, run it a few times with our tool and see how it helps.
Memorizing text seems so ‘old school’ but it’s still one of the most developing ways to train your brain and get facts in your head.

Try to learn a song, a poem or put your notes and rewrite them before a test.

challange yourself

Take something really hard and long into the tool and see how sharp your focus is.
You think you are smart, it will prove you wrong! ;]

TRAIN and get better

Learning, reading, writing focus, memory all can be improved.
You think you are not talented?
The more you will do our exercise, the faster you will see how easy it gets.

have fun learning

Rewriting text doesn’t sound fun?
Maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but even our younger testers said it was fun to do.
Kids aged 9-15 all agreed that’s not that bad and actually it helped them with learning.

You will be one of the first people to try this tool.
I don't know about you, but I'm excited!

It is still an early stage of the app but you can already experience how powerful this tool can be for improving your skills.
It is for language learners mostly, but also for anybody who want to improve their focus and memory.

The Story

I’m Przemek and I’ve been teaching English for a while. 

The ‘disappearing sentence’ game that I came up with a long time ago was a nice add-on to my lessons. I just showed a sentence on a piece of paper for a brief moment and then told my students to repeat it. The better they got, the shorter they could see the sentence. It’s challanging and developing, yet fun. You can try it yourself (but use this app instead!).

My students liked it and it helped me see what my students did not see.
Very often they couldn’t see the detail, like some weird spelling, endings, prepositions, articles, punctuation, etc. And you know what? Sometimes it was simply too fast for them, but sometimes they just simply didn’t understand it! 

Then, I stepped in to explain it!

So what happened next? I thought it would be nice of me to share this game with others, so I decided to hire a freelancing developer and now we are making it happen! I hope you will like it. Try it, and let me know what you would improve.

Plus, I’m a bit dyslectic myself and this tool also helped me to train myself to pay full attention to the detail I tend to ignore.

What’s next in the Story?

A lot depends on you. I hope you will like it and keep using it so I can keep improving it. Have fun!

There is another tool I started to work on: – it’s a simple virtual blackboard that helps a lot when you are sharing your screen to an audience. Go to the other website and check it out!