Hello, Quitter! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you quit by accident, you can do the same set again.

If it was not the set for you,ย you can paste a new text to learn here.

orย you can choose one of our sets below.

If you found a bug or were just testing you can let me know what you think on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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The TO-DO List

There are a lot of ways to develop this tool. Here are some of our ideas.

 Can’t wait to hear from you about your suggestions and opinions.

You can let me know on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Learner's Account

Where you can add your private sets and track progress of your work. You will also get some cool statistics to see how you improve.

Teacher's account

If you have a teacher, they will be able to send you a link to study and they will see your progress with all the mistakes you made!

creator's account

You will be able to create public sets and get tips for your work if they like it.

transalte and listen

We will integrate a translator to the app so you can always check what’s the meaning and we will add a voice to read the text.

mega sets

We will create huge sets for you to just write and always get the best sentences to practice.

recommandation system

You will get sets and sentences that you will love. Our system will learn what you like and suggest similar content.